Discrimination Adutls

06/07 | Understanding discrimination within safeguarding adults

06/07 | Understanding discrimination within safeguarding adults

Delivered online using Teams


10:00 - 15:00 Wednesday, 6 July 2022

This workshop will help practitioners explore discrimination in a safeguarding context.

Through hearing key messages from research and sharing practice experience, you will clarify what discriminatory abuse is, explore its effects on people and practitioners, explore effective support and think about opportunities for improving practice and organisational support.

We will take you through a creative storytelling exercise to help you reflect on how you work with people who face discriminatory abuse. Through this you can, should you wish, contribute to a research project being undertaken by Royal Holloway, University of London to explore practice realities in relation to discriminatory abuse.

Audience Types

Frontline practitioners

Senior practitioners

Social workers

Team leaders

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Safeguarding | Direct work with individuals and families | Supervision, critical analysis and reflection | Organisational context | Person-centred practice | The role of social workers | Values and ethics | Influencing and governing practice excellence within the organisation and community | Developing confident and capable social workers | Assuring good social work practice and development | Promoting and supporting critical analysis and decision-making

PCF - Professionalism | Values and ethics | Diversity and equality | Knowledge | Critical reflection and analysis | Intervention and skills | Contexts and organisations

RCOT - Service users | Understanding relationship | Identify needs