Topic Policy Strategy Planning 5

Maintaining safe, effective and quality with reducing resources: Key Issue (2012)

Published: 10/01/2012

Author: Citarella V


Commissioners and purchasers of care and support today face the double bind of reducing resources and increasing demand. Providers have the multiple challenges of downward pressures on costs, increasing competition and raised expectations of customers. Maintaining safe, effective and high quality services in these circumstances is the major concern facing all the constituents in local adult social care market places.

This Key Issue is not just about the supply and demand for adult social care but about the whole integrated market place – health, housing, transport, leisure and employment. It is not just about driving down costs and efficiency but about more radical interventions, innovation and doing things differently. Critically, it is about understanding and working alongside the customer to be sure that the market produces what people actually want.

Our audience here is not just strategic managers of commissioning and social care business leaders, but the consumers of services, now and in the future, together with the relatives, practitioners and advocates they will engage to work on their behalf. These are the people who will define safe, effective and quality services and make the purchase decisions using the resources available to them.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Values and ethics | Performance management and improvement | Person-centred practice | Organisational context | Professional ethics and leadership

CQC - Caring | Effective | Safe | Well led

PCF - Values and ethics | Knowledge | Contexts and organisations | Professional leadership

RCOT - Health and safety