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Good decision making: Practitioners' Handbook (2013)

Published: 10/01/2013

Author: Nosowska G, Series L


Every day practitioners in adult social care have to make decisions that change lives. There are increasingly high expectations placed on professional judgement. It is essential that practitioners develop both their understanding of, and their skills in, decision-making in order to improve the quality of their decisions.

This handbook came out of a Change Project called Analysis and Critical Reflection, which brought research and practice together to look at the skills that practitioners need to make good decisions within adult social care. This was done through scoping research and other evidence, and then sharing this with practitioners and gathering their experience. The handbook and tools were developed from this work and tested with practitioners before being finalised.

The focus of the handbook is on supporting people to overcome issues that arise with decision-making.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Influencing and governing practice excellence within the organisation and community | Promoting and supporting critical analysis and decision-making | Effective use of power and authority as a practice supervisor | Performance management and improvement | The role of social workers | Person-centred practice | Mental capacity | Effective assessment and outcome based support planning | Level of capability: at the end of their first year in employment

CQC - Effective | Responsive | Safe | Well led

PCF - Professionalism | Rights, justice and economic wellbeing | Intervention and skills

RCOT - Service users | Screen needs | Develop intervention | Evaluate impact | Keep records | Demonstrate quality