Good assessment: Practitioners’ Handbook (2014)

Published: 10/12/2014

Author: Nosowska G


Assessment is a central part of adult social care, both as a gateway to support and as an intervention in its own right. Good practice in assessment is essential to improve the experience and outcomes of adults and carers, to meet the expectations of law and policy, and to use resources in the most effective way.

This handbook came out of a Research in Practice for Adults Change Project called Ensuring effective assessment on the frontline, which brought research and practice together to look at how best to ensure good assessment in adult social care. The focus is on supporting people to carry out assessments that are consistently empowering and useful. The handbook also draws on learning from a Research in Practice Change Project in children’s services called Analysis and Critical Thinking in Assessment (Brown et al, 2014).

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Person-centred practice | Effective assessment and outcome based support planning | Influencing and governing practice excellence within the organisation and community | Developing confident and capable social workers | Promoting and supporting critical analysis and decision-making | Performance management and improvement | The role of social workers | Mental capacity | Supervision, critical analysis and reflection | Level of capability: at the end of their first year in employment

CQC - Responsive | Safe

PCF - Professionalism | Knowledge | Critical reflection and analysis | Intervention and skills

RCOT - Understanding relationship | Service users | Screen needs | Develop intervention | Evaluate impact | Health and safety