Working with children, young people and families

We produce a range of learning resources and events to support people working with children, young people and families.

We develop a range of evidence-informed learning resources designed for professionals working with children, young people and families; tailored to individual and organisational learning and development needs.   

Our annual Delivery Programme is developed in consultation with the national children and familiePartnership network in order to ensure our work actively reflects the needs and priorities of our Partners and the sector. In addition, as part of our responsive learning from the COVID-19 pandemic, this year we provided a range of additional online material and virtual events. 

Topics to support practice 

In 2020-21 we produced publications, online events and learning resources on several key topics including:

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Core practice skills  

Supporting children to participate in social work practices and decision-making about their own lives is an essential but complex element of the social work role. This includes in-depth areas such as life story work and other forms of direct work. 

Developing community capacity  

At a time of increased demand, local authorities are starting to look at innovative ways to support the needs of children and families. There has been a growing trend towards involving children, families and communities in co-developing and providing preventative approaches and support. 

Equality and diversity

Learning and discussion about race and diversity within social care employees and practice has been brought to the forefront of practice, and what each individual can do to promote and support this. 

Public health approaches to violence  

Rises in serious violence amongst children, young people and young adults in the UK have seen the conversation turn to the development of public health approaches. People working in social care play an important role in joining-up this approach and delivering it in practice. 

Trauma-informed practice 

Practice and organisations which is/are trauma-informed recognise(s) and take(s) into account the wide and often complex impact of trauma on individuals, embed(s) knowledge about trauma into policies and practice, and actively work(s) to prevent the re-traumatisation of people in service settings.

Additional resources

Across the year these individual and additionally commissioned resources supported priorities across the network.

Reimagining residential children’s homes: Evidence Review

We were delighted to publish the first chapters of a new Evidence Review exploring decisions, processes and key challenges for those involved in decision-making for children either living in residential care, or for whom residential care is being considered. The final chapters are due for release in 2021. 

Domestic abuse and child protection: Change Project

We are working with Professor Kate Morris, Sheffield University, and Professor Brigid Featherstone, Huddersfield University, as research leads on this new Change Project, focused on the interface between domestic abuse and child protection.

Learning resources and events 

As part of membership to Research in Practice, Partners have access to a range of learning opportunities and receive regular updates on the latest news and information, including case law, research evidenceand policy. Our national programme of learning eventsconferences and webinars support professional networking and development on pertinent social care topics, to meet individual and organisational needs 

This year, our Link Officers Annual Meeting (LOAM) was delivered virtually for the first time. We considered the acceleration into new ways of virtual working that we’ve all been engaged with, enabled Partners to share practice, discuss emerging sector issues and to learn from one another. Our Partnership Conference considered safeguarding for children in communities, bringing together the voice of care-experience and research to better understand the value of poverty-aware practice and working in partnership. 

'I just want to say thank you to those who have arranged the conference. It was really well organised with a fantastic range of speakers. Today's conference has really made me think about the impact I have as well as the resources we have in the community to make a positive contribution.' – Partnership Conference participants.

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We produce a range of learning resources and events to support people working with adults and carers.
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