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We work collaboratively with individual organisations, as well as local and national partnerships, to deliver learning and development opportunities.

We work collaboratively with individual organisations, as well as local and national partnerships, to deliver learning and development opportunities.  

Practice Supervisor Development Programme

The Practice Supervisor Development Programme (PSDP) is a significant investment by the Department for Education and aims to provide high-quality continuous professional development (CPD) for social workers in which they are responsible for supporting and developing the practice of others. The programme has been renewed for a fourth year of deliveryand will continue to offer two continuing professional development programmes, delivered virtually. 

Key programme aims include empowering practitioners to build confidence, mobilising academic knowledge and practice expertise, and working in partnership with the sector. The programme also engages with organisational culture, recognising the key role that employers and leaders play in enabling high-quality learning. An online conference celebrating the learning from the PSDP was held in early 2021 and several video clips demonstrating its impact have been released on an open access website.     

‘The PSDP course which provides learning through six key aspects of professional leadership has undoubtedly been revolutionary for me. I can’t sing enough praises for the content of this course and the course leaders whose skills and containment took me and others through what I would call a journey of discovery and enlightenment. I have seen the immediate transformation. For example, after my first attempt at a systemic questioning approach to supervision with my supervisee, I was rewarded with a heartfelt “thank you [participant], I really enjoyed that reflection” – PSDP participant.

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Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme

The Tackling Child Exploitation Support programmeis a three year investment that supports local area partnerships to achieve strategic change in relation to child exploitation and threats from outside the family home (known as extra-familial harm). This covers child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation, including county lines drug trafficking. It is a Department for Education funded programme designed and delivered by a consortium led by Research in Practice with The Children’s Societyand the University of Bedfordshire. 

Based on the learning and delivery the programme has developed anopen access website. The site acts as a repository for the sector: collating and framing evidence as well as sharing the resources, tools and learning generated through programme delivery.

‘I think the support that we received from the TCE programme was excellent, we were encouraged to think more widely as to how we could tackle the problem of exploitation in our area. The team from TCE were very positive, professional and supportive of what we were trying to achieve.’ – TCE participant.

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Supervisor Development Programme

The Supervisor Development Programme (SDP), commissioned by the Department for Health and Social Care, supports practice supervisors in developing their supervision skills. The programme aims to enable and empower those responsible for delivering and overseeing effective supervision within local authorities to develop, deliver and disseminate sustainable learning within their local areas. Based on the learning and development of the programme a website contains a range of tools and learning resources. 

Featured tools include: 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has meant that those working in adult social care, within public services and voluntary organisations, have had to respond to an emerging crisis. We have developed resources to support supervision in the context of COVID-19. The resources are provided to support remote supervision, building resilience, working with people who are experiencing grief and loss, as well as thinking about social work in the context of a crisis.

Supporting parents who have experienced recurrent care proceedings

Women experiencing repeat involvement in care proceedings is routine rather than exceptional. A website and resources to support parents who have experienced recurrent care proceedings brings together research, practice knowledge and lived experience to ensure parents are better supported to access the services they need.

The website and resources have been developed by an online Community of Practice with Research in Practice, Pause, the Centre for Child and Family Justice Research, University of Essex and Nuffield Family Justice Observatory. It includes videos, published papers, links to relevant websites and practice aides, alongside resources developed by parents who have themselves experienced losing their child through care proceedings.

Featured resources include:

Research and evaluation

We are a leading research and evaluation provider in Children’s and Adults Services, supporting providers in understanding the impact that their services are having. Our evidence-informed approach is central to research and evaluation and we weave research evidence, professional expertise and the views of those with lived experience throughout our evaluations. 

In the last year we have supported local authorities, charities and third sector organisations and have conducted research in local communities, alongside service providers to support them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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