Working with adults and carers

We develop a range of evidence-informed learning resources designed for professionals working with adults, families and carers tailored to individual and organisational learning and development needs.


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Our annual Delivery Programme is developed in consultation with Partners from across the national adults Research in Practice membership network in order to ensure our work reflects the needs and priorities of the sector.

In 2021-22 we developed and delivered a range of learning resources and events on:

Ageing well: Building a system to meet the needs of the next generation of older adults

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People are living well for longer and most people can expect to live well into their sixties. The older population is increasing at an unprecedented pace and is likely to accelerate in the coming decade, impacting people of all ages.

Our Evidence Review chapters and podcasts aim to mobilise people working across a range of sectors including social care, health, housing and business technology, all of whom have a role in supporting and enabling people to live well in later life.

Applying theory and practice

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These resources aim to support good practice that is underpinned by meaningful understanding of theory, specifically the application of models to understand the perspective and situations of people with lived experience.

Digital social care

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During the pandemic many practitioners, adults and carers were faced with adapting to new ways of working virtually when having conversations, building relationships and providing care and support. These resources promote reflection and practice improvement in this area, embedding learning from the experiences.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Racism And Social Work

‘Really powerful discussion around intersectionality and person-centred care. This was particularly accessible and presented some complex situations in a very understandable way.’ 

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An integral part of social care practice is protection and promotion of the rights of adults, children and families. Central to this is ensuring that people of all ages, with all of their diverse characteristics, have equality of opportunity and are not excluded or discriminated against.

At Leaders’ Forum 2021, we explored a whole system view of how welfare and care is resourced and examined what we mean by inclusive economic growth and the role of social care within this. 

Our Partnership Conference 2022 considered how practice and policy with older people can be designed using an intersectional lens. Intersectionality is a tool for analysing how different forms of oppression (for example ageism, racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, classism) interact and intersect to influence lived experiences. The intersectionality and older people: Video Learning Resource contains four videos recorded at the conference which highlight tasks and strategies to enable practitioners to apply intersectional approaches.

Legal literacy

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Case law, legislation and regulation as well as government guidance provide vital frameworks for the commissioning and provision of adult social care. However, decision-making with people is often complex and as such ethical knowledge and professional judgment are also required. These resources aim to further support the development of legal literacy across organisations and to support people to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

Our adults Link Officers Annual Meeting 2021 explored the concept of legal literacy in practice and support practitioners’ knowledge, skills and confidence building on the Legal Literacy: Change Project.

These resources were developed ahead of the release of consultation on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice. We are reviewing resources in this context and will release updates following the completion of the consultation.



Thinking beyond the pandemic

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COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated longstanding health and social care inequalities in the UK, including poorer outcomes affecting Black, Asian and minoritised communities. These resources aim to support those planning, commissioning and delivering equitable adult social care services that are informed by learning from the pandemic.

Learning resources and events

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As part of membership to Research in Practice, Partners have access to a range of learning opportunities and receive regular updates on the latest news and views, case law,research evidence and policy

Our national programme of learning events, conferences and webinars support professional networking and development on pertinent social care topics in response to changing individual and organisational needs throughout the year. 

‘I have really enjoyed your event. It is the first time I have done an event with Research in Practice, and I was impressed with the teaching and the opportunities to get involved. I will definitely be applying for more with Research in Practice. Thank you!'

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