Resilience And Wellbeing In Social Care

Supporting resilience and wellbeing in social care organisations

Published: 21/06/2021

Author: Research in Practice

Supporting the resilience and wellbeing of people working in social care can improve their social, physical and emotional outcomes, as well as outcomes of those accessing services and the organisation. To support World Wellbeing Week, we’re bringing together learning from Research in Practice to support the wellbeing of individuals, organisations and communities.

A resilient organisation prioritises the wellbeing of its workforce and takes a systemic approach to reducing stress and enhancing job satisfaction. Wellbeing is one of the key foundation principles of the Social Work Organisational Resilience Diagnostic (SWORD), a dedicated tool to improve organisational resilience in social care with children, families, and adults. Organisations and individuals can access information including tasks, strategies, and quick wins within the open-access workbook.

A recent webinar and article on recovery, work-life balance and wellbeing also highlight the importance of detachment from work worries and concerns, with strategies to help people develop healthy boundaries between their work and personal life. The webinar will be open access until 28 June.

You can access dedicated Research in Practice learning to support resilience, supervision, mental health and more below.

Resilience, work-life balance and wellbeing

Resilience Mental Health Comms (1)
Supervision During COVID 19 (CROP)

Supervision is about improving wellbeing – of the people you work with, your own and the wider system. Everyone working in social care should have supervision and through wellbeing supervision, practitioners are supported and are able to undertake better practice. Explore learning aimed at supporting supervision for wellbeing:

Supporting wellbeing for children and families, young people and adults

Working With Families

Assessing organisational resilience and wellbeing

The Social Work Organisational Resilience Diagnostic offers a diagnostic survey and an online workbook designed for use across the whole social work and broader social care profession.
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