Alcohol, Families And Relationships (1)

Alcohol, families and relationships

Published: 17/11/2021

Author: Research in Practice

To support Alcohol Awareness Week, we have released the Ageing well – Alcohol and other drugs use in later life: Evidence Review (chapter three), and brought together Research in Practice resources on alcohol, families and relationships.

Many of us associate alcohol with socialising and it can become a big part of our connections and interactions. However drinking doesn’t only impact individuals, it also affects our families and relationships, communities and society as a whole.

The third chapter of the Ageing Well: Evidence Review considers alcohol and other drug use in later life. It discusses the various factors which may contribute to the use of alcohol and both prescription and non-prescription drugs, including long-term health conditions or loneliness, as well as recreation and social connections.

A three minute video from Imogen Blood also looks at the various reasons behind alcohol and drug use despite potential harm which include boredom and dealing with stress. Additionally, in a 15 minute video Imogen considers the Cycle of Change model and how taking control of drinking can create happier relationships, as well as improved health and wellbeing.

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Resources on alcohol, families and relationships

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