Case study – Practice Supervisor Development Programme

See the difference that Practice Supervisor Development Programme has made to team managers practice in a local authority commissioning the programme.

‘I have seen the difference that Practice Supervisor Development Programme (PSDP) has made to how our team managers practice. I had no doubt that we had a team of managers with varying experience of supervising staff, however I observed a lack of confidence in some of our staff. For a long time our organisation has been subject to a great deal of external scrutiny and team managers have often been at the centre of this oversight. Also I know that our managers have not always had the tools to do their jobs confidently.

Alongside a number of improvements that we have made, such as a more stable workforce, a stronger learning and development offer, a clear practice model and a vision that completely focuses on the needs of children and their families; the PSDP has been able to provide the much needed ‘wrap around’ support for our managers.

Not only has PSDP provided our staff with a framework for understanding their roles and responsibilities as leaders, it has focused on how they also need to feel supported by the organisation. I can see first-line managers who are able to demonstrate an increased level of resilience and confidence.

Ultimately the Trust Executive want all of our workforce to be part of an environment where everyone feels supported to do the best job that they can. PSDP has provided us with the mechanism for doing just that.

We will continue to listen to our colleagues who complete the programme. We are committed to continuing the learning once we are back in the office.’

Local authority commissioning the Practice Supervisor Development Programme


Resources to support practice supervisors in their role

Practice supervisors play an important role in supporting supervisees to become emotionally resilient practitioners and ensuring that social workers provide an excellent service to children and families. Open access resources aim to support practice supervisors in key aspects of their role.
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