Adoption And Contact (1)

Adoption, placement, permanence and contact for children, young people and families

Published: 12/10/2020

Author: Research in Practice

For National Adoption Week, we have brought together Research in Practice learning resources to support adoption, placement, permanence and contact.

Achieving lasting permanence requires a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities for all the adults involved, with children and young people’s views and welfare at the centre of the process.

The type and frequency of contact a child has with their birth family also needs careful consideration and planning. Our open access contact after adoption website provides resources for practitioners in making evidence-informed post-adoption contact plans and supporting birth relatives and adopters through contact and planning for their child.

Resources to support placement, permanence and working with birth families

Adoption, Contact And Permanance

PFAN have recognised the need to improve the lives of children by reforming children’s social care.

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