Child Development Frontline Briefing

Child development: Frontline Briefing (2010)

Published: 27/03/2010

Author: Donnellan H


This briefing is aimed at frontline practitioners working in child and family social care. It covers key aspects of child development, bringing together a concise summary of research and theory with pointers for action. It also signposts you to useful resources that will help inform your practice and give you more confidence in exercising your professional judgement.

All children’s services practitioners need to have a sound understanding of child development. Knowing what is ‘normal’ supports effective assessment of need or risk, while a strong understanding of what can help support growth and development will ensure that interventions are appropriate. This briefing focuses on a child’s first 11 years, which are increasingly recognised as a critically important time for development.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Developing excellent practitioners | Child development | Child and family assessment

PCF - Diversity and equality | Knowledge | Intervention and skills