CH FBR 003

Contact: Making good decisions for children in public law: Frontline Briefing (2015)

Published: 08/03/2015

Author: Baynes P



Contact plans for children living away from their birth families can have life-changing implications for everyone involved. It is essential that such plans are informed by the best available research as well as a good understanding of the unique needs and circumstances of individual children and their families. This frontline briefing aims to make relevant research accessible to practitioners who are involved in making contact plans for children placed away from their birth parents in adoption, fostering or kinship care.

The specific issues for contact as part of assessmen during care proceedings are considered, along with the contact needs of children in permanen placement – whether that is adoption, fostering or kinship care. Although some of the material in this briefing will be relevant for those involved in making contact arrangements for children in private law proceedings when parents have separated, this issue is not specifically considered here.

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