Working together, learning together: A lived experience guide to co-production

Published: 10/02/2021

This podcast considers co-production, how the discussion around it is still quite theoretical, and what it really means for people with lived experience of services and practitioners.

Claire Williams, Research and Development Officer at Research in Practice, speaks to Clenton Farquharson. Clenton is Chair of Think Local Act Personal Partnership board, a Trustee of the race equality foundation, an Ambassador for disability rights and he has lived experience of social care services.

They talk about co-production and how the discussion around it is still quite theoretical. Clenton explains how it can work in organisations, and what it really means for people with lived experience of services and practitioners.

Talking Points

Clenton and Claire discussed:

  • The seven levels of personalisation and how they fit ‘hand in glove’ with co-production.
  • The three levels of co-production – individual, organisational and systemic.
  • The individual level – how co-production can be used for care and support planning.
  • The power of vulnerability and being curious.

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Reflective questions

Here are some reflective questions to stimulate conversation and support practice. 

  1. Do you/ your organisation use co-production?
  2. What are the key facilitators and barriers for you/ your organisation in using co-production with the people you support? How might you address these barriers?
  3. What are the key messages from this podcast that you might take forward in your organisation or team?

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Safeguarding | Person-centred practice | Direct work with individuals and families | Effective assessment and outcome based support planning | Organisational context | Supervision, critical analysis and reflection | Developing confident and capable social workers | Promoting and supporting critical analysis and decision-making | Relationship-based practice supervision | Values and ethics | Assuring good social work practice and development

CQC - Caring | Effective

PCF - Diversity and equality | Rights, justice and economic wellbeing | Critical reflection and analysis | Contexts and organisations | Values and ethics

RCOT - Understanding relationship | Service users | Communication | Collaborative | Identify needs