Case Law and Legal Summaries

This month considers best interests decisions around the COVID-19 vaccine and the use of general anaesthetic for medical investigations, the streamlined deprivation of liberty procedure in relation to 16 and 17-year-olds and issues with a woman's family disrupting her move into a care home.

Exploring the value of storytelling in social care

In this podcast, Georgie Steele shares her experience of being a parent carer and how story telling has helped her to gain perspective on her situation, including what has happened and how she copes in her caring role.

If integration is the answer, what is the question?

Join us at this year’s Leaders’ Forum to take a more nuanced, whole system view of integration, critically debating its merits and challenges. 24-25 November.

Building on the success of virtual Tailored Support

We are pleased to share new menus of Tailored Support topics with the Research in Practice Partner network, designed to offer Partners choice in how they embed evidence into their local practice.

Working with adults and carers

We produce a range of learning resources and events to support people working with adults and carers.

Supporting evidence-informed practice with adults