Dedicated online learning workshops designed to meet your organisational needs

View our online learning workshop menu with topics designed to meet your organisational learning and development needs.

Think tanks, social care and the 2024 general election

A new blog outlines the role think tanks play in informing and influencing government policy around health and social care.

Learn and deliver - New programme to support learning and development

A new ‘Learn and deliver’ programme is designed to support individuals providing learning and development in organisations.

Promoting the rights of older people in health and social care

Social workers play an integral role in promoting and upholding the rights of older people. To support World Health Day, an open access Practice Tool shares learning from the Social Work with Older People research project.

Understanding autism with children, young people and adults

How can we support autistic individuals to thrive? New Research in Practice resources explore the importance of building a positive understanding of autism.

Supporting evidence-informed practice with children and families, young people and adults