Supervising non-discriminatory practice with LGBTQ+ families

In this blog, Dr Christine Cocker, explores the lived experience of LGBTQ+ families and how supervisors and managers can challenge prejudicial views.

Communication aid in family proceedings: Intermediaries working with interpreters

In this blog, Kerry Chatterje whose role is to facilitate communication in the justice process, shares their experience of working with an interpreter in a communication assessment and in court, and how court interpreters can help.

Promoting anti-racism in children and family services

In order to support the development of anti-racist practice in children and family services a new suite of resources explore the issue in more depth.

Supporting families in pre-proceedings and the family court

A new suite of open access resources draw on practice expertise, research findings and the voice of lived experience and are designed to support robust and family-focused systems and practice in pre-proceedings.

Humanising social work: Evolving hope through relational learning with practice supervisors

As the Practice Development Supervisor Programme (PSDP) draws to a close, the programme's delivery leads, Sharon Jennings and Jo Williams, reflect on its evolution over the four years.

Working with children, young people and families

We produce a range of learning resources and events to support people working with children, young people and families

Supporting evidence-informed practice with children and families