Parent-infant contact in the pandemic

Enabling parent-infant face-to-face contact in the pandemic – view ideas and resources shared by practice leaders across the Research in Practice network. Resources include a write up of two virtual forums held in June, shared risk assessment and guidance documents and two podcast interviews.


Bowyer S & Mason C with practice leaders from the Research in Practice network. (2020). Parent-infant contact in the pandemic. Dartington: Research in Practice. Download citation file


These resources are outputs from a project coordinated by the Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University. We are working with the project team to swiftly build knowledge to enable face-to-face interaction between parents and infants in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

To inform this work, we spoke to practice leaders from across the Research in Practice Partner network in two virtual forums in June. The information they shared on 'enabling parent-infant contact in the pandemic' is written up in this briefing. Two podcast recordings (to follow) share learning from follow up conversations with practice leaders in Essex and Leeds. Three further documents are risk assessment and guidance materials shared by colleagues in Bradford, Leeds and Rochdale.

We hope that these materials, and future outputs from this project, will enable other authorities to move swiftly to enable infant parent interaction that is so vital to relationship-based support to children and families.


These resources are open access.

Enabling parent-infant interaction (contact, parenting assessment) in lock down and social distancing conditions. Practice forum write up

City of Bradford Metropolitan Council – Contact/family time risk assessment and phase one guidance

Leeds City Council – Promoting family time during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rochdale Borough Council – Direct Family Time – Triangulated Risk Assessment

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