Supervisor Development Programme 2

Supervisor Development Programme learning resources

Published: 24/06/2020

Author: Research in Practice

A new online resource provides tools and learning resources to support the implementation of post-qualifying standards for practice supervisors in adult social care.

The Supervisor Development Programme website features open access tools and learning resources to support practice supervisors in adult social work. This national programme was commissioned by the Department for Health and Social Care to support practice supervisors in developing their supervision skills.

The resources include those that were delivered as part of the face-to-face delivery of the programme and aim to enable and empower those responsible for delivering and overseeing effective supervision within local authorities to develop, deliver and disseminate sustainable learning within their local areas.

The resources include:

  • Tools – support for practice supervisors to explore and reflect on different areas of practice, such as identity, power and ethics, gathering feedback, recording and more.
  • Supervision and COVID-19 – resources to support supervision in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19), such as building resilience, working with people who are experiencing grief and loss, as well as thinking about social work in the context of a crisis.
  • Videos – to support developing individual practice, or to be used as a learning activity with others. Each video has a set of reflective questions that can be used alongside them.

Planning for the online delivery of the Supervisor Development Programme is being developed and will be shared in the coming weeks.

View the Supervisor Development Programme resources (open access).

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