Equity in adult social care

Published: 10/02/2023

Author: Research in Practice

Research in Practice will be testing out materials and resources on using intersectionality to increase equity in adult social care for a new Change Project.

If we used intersectionality, we would have a different impact on people’s lives. People would be in a position where they feel more accepted. We would understand each other. I think the system would be far more geared up to dealing with multiple things that impact on people. We tend to compartmentalise people.

Development Group member

About the Change Project

The Change Project will support people in adult social care to use the lens of intersectionality in order to respond better to adults and carers. The aim of the Change Project is to change experiences and outcomes for adults and carers so they are more equitable. 

What’s happened so far?

The project began with a Data Scope to identify what we know about oppression, inequality and disadvantage, and how these affect people’s experiences of adult social care. An Expert Knowledge Exchange then brought together experts by experience, in policy and practice, and in research to agree the scope and focus of the project.

Development Group of managers and practitioners from Partner organisations has met five times this year. The sessions, facilitated by Suryia Nayak and Clenton Farquharson, shared research and theory, and gathered practice experience. We explored what the lens of intersectionality is, how it can change the way we relate and respond to people, and how it can promote equity.

What happens next?

Based on learning so far, we will create a resource to help people working in adult social care, adults and carers to:

  • Understand what we mean by intersectionality and equity.

  • Use intersectionality in practice, in organisations and to improve the system.

  • Support each other and capture the impact of this work.

The resource will include presentations, signposting, tools and examples. We aim to launch the final resource in autumn 2023.

How to get involved

Our upcoming open access learning events on intersectionality will share learning from theory, research, lived and practice experience. 

In this online workshop, we will share learning from theory, research, lived and practice experience and explore the action we can take in practice, with colleagues and in our organisations to embed intersectionality.

Find out more (27 April 2023).

Find out more (18 May 2023).

Please note: Both workshops will be covering the same topic, you only need to attend one of these sessions.

This in-person event will share learning from theory, research, lived and practice experience. We will explore the action we can take to embed intersectionality, with a particular focus on interactions with adults and carers, and support for practitioners.

This online event is designed specifically for social care staff with lived experience of being minoritised through racism and its intersection with other forms of oppression.

Find out more.

We are also looking for Partners to try out reflective learning tools for practice, support, supervision and change in your organisation. You will have the chance to increase your understanding and confidence in using intersectionality and to give your views on the resource to make it as useful as possible.

Contact ask@researchinpractice.org.uk to find out more or to express an interest in using the tools (please put Equity Change Project in the subject).