Evaluating family group conferences with adults: Practice Tool (2017)

Published: 06/10/2017

Author: Guthrie L


This practice tool aims to support practitioners and managers who are already running a family group conference (FGC) service for adults, and those who are considering developing a service.

It provides an overview of:

  • the current evidence base regarding FGCs with adults
  • the complexities of measuring the impact of FGCs on outcomes for adults and their families
  • practical ideas to support the evaluation of the process and outcomes of a FGC service for adults.

What is a family group conference?

  • A family group conference is a way of working collaboratively with adults and their network of family, friends and supporters. It involves a formal meeting, which aims to support the adult and their network to make decisions which best support the needs and wishes of the individual.
  • It is facilitated by an independent coordinator, who is not part of the professional network.
  • The FGC aims to facilitate families/networks working together to design solutions to specific problems, and to make decisions and plans which best meet the needs of the individual.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Assuring good social work practice and development | Promoting and supporting critical analysis and decision-making | The role of social workers | Person-centred practice | Effective assessments and outcome based support planning | Direct work with individuals and families

CQC - Safe | Well-led

PCF - Professionalism | Values and ethics | Knowledge | Critical reflection and analysis | Intervention and skills

RCOT - Service users | Communication

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