Occupational therapy in adult social care cover

Occupational therapy in adult social care: Frontline Briefing (2021)

Published: 03/09/2021

Author: Pearman H


The purpose of the briefing is to support occupational therapists (OTs) in adult social care to underpin their practice with an understanding of current relevant evidence, theory and models. It will also be useful for other practitioners across adult social care to develop their understanding of occupational therapy.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Person-centred practice | Effective assessment and outcome based support planning | Direct work with individuals and families | Values and ethics | Developing confident and capable social workers | Promoting and supporting critical analysis and decision-making

CQC - Effective

PCF - Intervention and skills | Contexts and organisations | Knowledge

RCOT - Understanding relationship | Service users | Screen needs | Develop intervention | Demonstrate quality | Qualified | Collaborative | Communication | Support development