Reflections on accessing care records and supporting good recording

Published: 12/03/2021

These two podcasts explore the emotional impact of receiving care files, the importance of child-centred recording, and provide suggestions of how practitioners can implement good recording.

Miriam Antcliffe, Research and Development Officer at Research in Practice, speaks to John-george and Darren* who share their personal stories of accessing their care files as adults. In these two podcasts, they explore the emotional impact of receiving their care files, the importance of child-centred recording, and they provide some suggestions of how practitioners can implement good recording.

John-george also discusses his experiences accessing his care recordings and what should be considered in chronologies in a connected blog.

Part one – Accessing your care file

In part one, John-george and Darren describe the emotional journey of accessing their care file as an adult.

Part two – Recommendations for recording

In part two, John-george and Darren make their recommendations to practitioners about good recording.

Talking points

These podcasts look at:

  • The process of accessing your care file.
  • Reading your care file, and its emotional impact.
  • The significance of redaction and not hearing your voice within your care records.
  • Promoting child-centred record keeping.
  • The importance of tone and language within records.

Resources that are mentioned in these podcasts

Related resources

Reflective questions

Here are reflective questions to stimulate conversation and support practice: 

  1. What approaches do you currently use to promote child-centred recording within your practice?
  2. What are the key messages from this podcast that you might take forward in your organisation or team?


*We’re sad to say that, in May 2021 after working with us on this Podcast Darren died, far too young. We are glad to have had the chance to work with Darren and share his powerful reflections and we hope practitioners and workforce development teams will honour his memory by using this Podcast to support improved practice in recording and sharing care leavers’ case records. Read more about Darren’s life and legacy

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