Introducing CPD Guide

Introducing new practice supervisor resources and tools: a CPD guide

Published: 28/09/2020

Author: Penny Sturt and Alison Domakin

The Practice Supervisor Development Programme (PSDP) team are delighted to announce that we have now published a new continuing professional development (CPD) guide, which allows you to use the resources on the Resources and Tools for Practice Supervisors open access website to support formal CPD training activity in your own organisation.

The website contains over 100 different online resources to support practice supervisors in child and family social work develop their supervisory practice. Whilst the resources on the website have been written specifically for practice supervisors within children’s social care, they are relevant to any social work supervision context.

The website has had great feedback since its release in late 2019. In fact, some local authorities contacted us to suggest that we could make the website even more useful if we provided guidance about ways in which the tools and resources on the website could be grouped together to support CPD activity for practice supervisors. And so the idea of producing a CPD guide that provides a framework for organisations to use to run their own training and development sessions was born! 

It is aimed at anyone interested in professional developmental opportunities for staff around supervision. The guide gives you all the information you need to provide twelve half-day (online or face-to-face) CPD sessions in bitesize chunks, each of which link to a section of the website. Alternatively, you can also use the guide to support practice supervisors getting together for individual study and reflection. 

The guide has been written to support learning for both experienced supervisors as well as those new to supervision. The CPD sessions outlined in the guide encourage practice supervisors to reflect on their journey into supervision, seek out their motivators and clarify goals.

Like all good narratives it’s been designed with a beginning, middle and end. If you follow this structure and deliver twelve half-day sessions, you will provide a comprehensive training package that promotes reflective, curious, emotionally literate discussions in supervision, and supports practice supervisors to develop their skills. However, you can use as much or as little of the guide as you see fit.

There is also a reflective ‘Learning Record’ at the end, which can be used to assist practice supervisors with keeping track of the impact their learning is having on their supervisory development. We also suggest other resources from the website which can be used to consolidate learning for each session. Practice supervisors can upload tools from the website and associated reflections from the ‘Learning Record’ as part of their submission to Social Work England for registration

When training on supervision, we often talk about supervision being both a practice and a theory. These resources on the website and the CPD guide offer scope to develop both aspects, the knowledge base that underpins supervision and tools and ideas for improving your skills in promoting reflective and analytical discussions as a supervisor.

Our last point is to remind you that in addition to the resources from the website that we have used in the guide, there are lots more to look at. We want to encourage everyone wanting to continue their professional development as a supervisor to explore and find their own way through the resources. The CPD guide offers a starting point, the learning record asks practice supervisors to think about and record what impact the learning is having on their practice but there are no limits to professional development, curiosity and a desire to learn.  

We hope that the guide supports your organisation in promoting a positive supervision culture. Do get in touch with if we can support you in any way in using the CPD guide and website resources.

Access the CPD guide.

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It’s important to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to enhance your professional attributes, knowledge, understanding and skills. Our resources provide guidance of the recording, registration and regulation of CPD.
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Penny Sturt And Alison Domakin

Penny Sturt and Alison Domakin

Penny Sturt, works as Practice and Engagement Associate with the PSDP team. She is a registered social worker and independent trainer specialising in supervision. Penny has published two books on supervision, Using Supervision in schools and A Guide for Supervision in Early Years as well as contributing resources to the open access resource directory. Alison Domakin is Practice and Engagement Lead for the Practice Supervisor, Development Programme based at Research in Practice.