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Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme launches six-month programme of learning events

Published: 29/09/2021

Author: Anna Racher

Now in its third year, the Tackling Child Exploitation (TCE) Support Programme is delighted to launch a six-month programme of learning events.

The overarching aim of the programme is to support child safeguarding partnerships and wider partners working in and across local areas to improve strategic responses to child exploitation and extra-familial harm. Since 2019, we have worked with upwards of 80 local areas in England, mainly through Bespoke Support Projects, but also through Action Research, learning sets, and communities of practice. As a programme we have a privileged position of brokering honest, supportive, but also high-challenge, relationships with local partnerships in developing their strategic responses to child exploitation and extra-familial harm.

The learning that we have generated through this relationship with the sector is something we have previously shared through the TCE Support Programme’s microsite, but the volume and quality of programme learning merits, we think, something a bit more substantive.

Over the next six months, the TCE Support Programme will be sharing key insights through an online learning programme that explores complex ideas, holds space for conversation, encourages and supports reflection, and enables local areas to learn from one another.

The learning programme will offer a series of ‘live’ interactive digital events, podcasts, blogs and vlogs. Centred on themes of ‘risk’, ‘data’ and ‘partnership’ (recurrent issues raised by local areas), the sessions will share insights from TCE delivery to date. The programme will offer facilitated conversations that ask challenging questions, explore key insights, and connect participants within and across sectors tackling child exploitation and extra-familial harm throughout England.

The learning programme is aimed at strategic leaders, senior managers and other key influential roles across all agencies who are interested in supporting innovation and whole-system improvement in relation to child exploitation and extra-familial harm. One of the aims is to create an opportunity to pause, consider, hear from peers and come away with inspiration and ideas for concrete steps to tackle child exploitation in your local area.

These events and resources will draw on high-quality research, practice wisdom and expertise by experience to create accessible and challenging learning opportunities. The TCE team has curated key resources from the microsite to support the programme and, with podcasts and blogs developed to enhance the sessions, hopes that, whether you have ten minutes in a busy day or the ability to dive a little deeper into a pressing topic for your local partnership, you will find a welcome connection to strategic thinking in relation to child exploitation and extra-familial harm.


Register for the learning programme

Registration is now open for events up until December 2021, with the full learning programme running until March 2022.

View and register for the learning events.

The learning programme launches on 7 October 2021, with a session led by Dr Helen Beckett (Safer Young Lives Centre, University of Bedfordshire) – Reframing risk: How risk assessments can screen young people in or out of access to help.

On 13 October I am delighted to be facilitating a session with Annie Hudson (former Director of Children’s Services and now Chair of the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel) as we look at Joining the dots: bridging boundaries to strengthen partnerships.

Then, to close out October, Rebecca Godar (a Senior Research in Practice Associate and a TCE Delivery Partner) will be in discussion with another of the Programme’s Delivery Partners, Greater Manchester’s Complex Safeguarding Hub about Asking better questions: data for intelligence.

This is an exciting phase for the Programme, where it is able to bring together local learning with the best of research, brought to life by skilled facilitators and leaders from the sector.  We very much look forward to you, and a hopefully diverse mix of colleagues with both traditional and non-traditional safeguarding roles, joining us soon.


This article was first published on the Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme website

Anna Racher

Anna Racher is the Partnership Manager for the Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme, which is a Department for Education funded partnership, led by Research in Practice with The Children’s Society and the University of Bedfordshire. The programme focuses on changing the systems which support exploited children and young people in order to make a greater positive impact for them and their families.

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