Assessing Parents Capacity To Change Frontline Briefing

Assessing parents' capacity to change: Frontline Briefing (2013)

Published: 14/08/2013

Author: Bowyer S, Harnett P, Dawe S


This briefing is for frontline practitioners working across wider Children’s Services with families for whom there may be safeguarding concerns.

Reflective questions and practice implications

  • How can you use the four stage assessment process outlined in this Frontline Briefing, together with the standardised measures described in the Frontline Tool, to reach a clear and shared understanding of the challenges a family faces and the capacity of the parents to address those challenges?
  • How can you support parents’ capacity to change and help them to achieve clearly identified and meaningful goals?


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Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Communication | Child development | Child and family assessment | Abuse and neglect of children

PCF - Values and ethics | Rights, justice and economic wellbeing | Critical reflection and analysis | Knowledge | Intervention and skills