CH FBT 005

Attachment in children and young people – key signs of attachment patterns or behaviours at different stages: Frontline Chart (2016)

Published: 22/11/2016

Author: Shemmings D, Rayns G, Rickman C, Mountain G


This chart summarises a range of attachment behaviours and how they may be observed. It describes some parenting styles associated with the most common attachment behaviours to help alert the need for more precise forms of assessment from an appropriately trained and accredited professional.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Relationships and effective direct work | Communication | Child development | Adult mental ill health, substance misuse, domestic abuse, physical ill health and disability | Abuse and neglect of children | Child and family assessment | Developing excellent practitioners | Confident analysis and decision-making | Developing excellent practitioners

PCF - Knowledge | Intervention and skills