CH FBR 010

Working effectively with men in families – including fathers in children's social care: Frontline Briefing (2017)

Published: 27/07/2017

Author: Featherstone B



This briefing is for child and family social workers and their frontline managers. It is intended to help them think about the role of fathers and how to engage and work with them more effectively.

The briefing offers an overview of research from English-speaking countries. Its focus is on including and working with fathers where children’s welfare or safety is a concern, and the practice issues raised by domestic abuse.

In particular, the briefing reflects on practice messages from research in relation to three inter-related areas:

  • Early intervention
  • Family support
  • Child protection

The briefing includes some implications and pointers for practice. However, it should be read alongside the accompanying Frontline Tool – Working effectively with men in families – Practice pointers for including fathers in children’s social care – where suggestions for practice are set out more extensively.