Using Strengths Based Video Feedback Techniques To Build Parent Child Attunement

Using strengths-based video-feedback techniques to build parent-child attunement: Practice Tool and Film (2020)

Published: 30/06/2020

Author: Gow P, Harrington L, Park T and Rautman L


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Gow P, Harrington L, Park T & Rautman L. (2020). Using strengths-based video-feedback techniques to build parent-child attunement. Dartington: Research in Practice. Download citation file


Secure attachments with a caregiver who is attuned and able to respond appropriately to what their child is communicating support infants’ emotional, social and behavioural development. Babies and young children are particularly vulnerable when parents who are anxious or stressed are unable to tune into their cues and respond to their needs with sensitive and nurturing care. This can negatively impact on child development and long-term outcomes.

Using strengths based video-feedback can have a positive impact on families. Appropriately trained professionals can help parents develop their attunement to their baby by showing clips that capture moments of positive interaction and supporting them to build on these moments.

Evidence suggests that video feedback can promote self-efficacy and parental sensitivity and can be more effective than parenting programmes alone (Kennedy, 2011; Fukkink, 2008). 

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Practitioners talk about their work with strength-based video techniques.


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