Strengths-based practice: Digital meetings

Published: 20/05/2021

Watch this film to find out more about the ways in which practitioners can support good digital conversations with adults and carers.


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Dartington: Research in Practice. (2021). Strengths-based practice: Digital meetings. Dartington: Research in Practice.

This film explores ways in which practitioners can support good digital conversations with adults and carers.

It features Gavin Rough, who has experience of adult social care, in his second film with Research in Practice. The first film considered the ways in which practitioners can approach assessments, reviews and conversations in a strengths-based way.

During the film Gavin shares a light hearted look at some top tips for working digitally. These were developed using evidence from research, practitioners and people with lived experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. This learning will endure into the future and in particular support newly qualified practitioners as digital conversations expect to become a greater part of social care practice.

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Reflective questions

Here are reflective questions to stimulate conversation and support practice:

  • How confident are you in the technology – have you practiced using it?
  • How can you ensure that your working from home environment supports a good conversation?
  • There can be a lot to talk about - how can you ensure that you have time to cover all you need to in a strengths-based way?
  • How do you ensure that everyone knows what to expect from the meeting?
  • What can you do to build a good relationship with the person you are working with?

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Person-centred practice | Effective assessments and outcome based support planning | Direct work with individuals and families | Values and ethics | Developing confident and capable social workers | Assuring good social work practice and development

CQC - Caring | Responsive

PCF - Values and ethics | Intervention and skills

RCOT - Understanding relationship | Service users | Collaborative | Communication