About us and our Partner network

We support evidence-informed practice with children and young people, adults and families.

Our annual review looks back at our delivery from April 2020 to March 2021, highlighting our work to support evidence-informed practice with our Partner network and colleagues across the wider social care sector. 

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the uncertainty caused as a result, it has been our aim to continue to develop and deliver publications, webinars, podcasts and online learning resources for our Partners and colleagues across the sector; continuing to support knowledge and practice exchange in a virtual environment

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Supporting evidence-informed practice 

At Research in Practice our work is grounded in the concept of evidence-informed practice. This means we bring research evidence, together with practice expertise and the lived experience of children, young people and adults to create multi-media learning resources and events.  

We support professionals working at every level of the health and social care sector, providing publications, webinars, workshops, conferences, research projects, online resources and more. By listening and responding to the sector’s learning priorities, our work aims to build knowledge, skills and confidence. 

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Our work brings together research evidence, practice expertise and the lived experiences of people accessing services.

Partner network 

Our Partner network steers our work, comprising of over 215 local, national and voluntary organisations, as well as universities across England. In the past year we were delighted to welcome 25 new Partners, including eight children & family members, thirteen adults and four Partners with joint membership to both of our offers. We support our Partners to work together and share learning – encouraging innovation across geographical or service boundaries. 

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The full national Partner network for children & families, and adults.

We have continued to provide support to Partners and build engagement through online delivery, arranging regular catch-up calls with Account Managers and holding virtual launches to encourage learning across an organisation. Throughout the year we have also brought together resources on key topic areas as ‘Learning Flyers’, these have been well received and supported some Partners in developing online and virtual learning and development programmes. 

Link Officers are the lynchpins of our network, playing a key role in promoting the use of evidence-informed practice within Partner organisations. To facilitate the sharing of ideas across the network, raise awareness of what Research in Practice offers and how we can help colleagues, we introduced new online information and regular engagement sessions to support Partners in getting the most out of our partnership. 

We were also delighted to introduce a new toolkit on our website designated for Research in Practice Link Officers and Partners. The toolkit contains guidance and top-tips to support new and existing Link Officers to embed Research in Practice resources and demonstrate the value of being in partnership with us. 

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The Link Officer toolkit provides a range of resources to embed Research in Practice resources and demonstrate the value of being in partnership with us.


In 2021 we hope to introduce improvements that will include more regional sessions, more structured Account Management and an action planning process to support engagement.

Supporting our Partners during COVID-19

I would like to thank you all for your support through the information, resources and articles you produce and circulate. Regardless of whether they are relevant to my role I still read them as any learning is positive and beneficial.’  Research in Practice Partner.

During the COVID-19 pandemic our aim has been to continue to provide a range of coordinated online learning activities. Our dedicated COVID-19 resource page contains a range of publications, webinars, online resources, blogs and more to support professional development during the challenging and uncertain times.  

We have heard from many of our Partners and how they rapidly adapted to continue to provide support to the children and young people, adults and families they work with. This included tips for online Family Group Conferencing in Harrow, multi-agency working on the Isle of Wight and staff redeployment in Cornwall.  

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Adapting, learning and responding to COVID-19

During the pandemic we have adapted our offer and responded to our Partners needs with a range of coordinated online learning activities.
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