Ongoing learning and development

We keep our network informed with the latest information, resources, learning opportunities and upcoming developments.

We keep our network informed with the latest information, resources and upcoming opportunities; providing accessible learning and development that aims to address the needs and priorities for the sector. 

This includes campaigns to support continuous professional development (CPD), and evidencing the professional standards. Our upcoming annual programmes of resources and events for 2021-22 have been developed in consultation with our Partner network to support individuals and organisations working with children and young people, adults and families. 

Campaigns to support practice

Throughout the year we run several campaigns to support awareness and development for the social care sector, bringing together Research in Practice learning resources on key topics that support practice.

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Supporting professional and practice development

Under Social Work England, every social worker is now required by law to submit and record at least one piece of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We have provided key resources and information to support our Partners, as well as recommendations for recording learning. 

CPD can range from having a discussion, to reading the latest blogs or case law, watching a webinar or listening to a podcast– anything that has had a positive impact upon your practice and development. Our monthly resources offer you a quick guide to the latest evidence and information across the sector to support your development. This includes our Case Law and Legal SummariesResearch Summaries and Policy Updates

‘We are so pleased that 93% of social workers renewed and recorded CPD before the deadline. This achievement would not have been possible without the support of people like yourselves and organisations like Research in Practice.Research in Practice Partner.

We also map our learning resources and events to different professional standards so you can easily record relevant learning and evidence your CPD. The professional standards are specialist to social care, with specific standards that apply to registered social workers in all roles and settings. This currently includes:

Developing Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways are a new way of guiding you through connected Research in Practice resources on key topics. Following their launch we will continue to develop and evolve the pathways as part of our upcoming work. We aim to make them Partner led and iterative so we have been actively seeking feedback in the testing phase.

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By following a pathway you can deepen your understanding of the topic, learn how to use a number of approaches and build skills which can support you in your work with children, young people, adults and families. Each resource includes reflective questions and practice implications to build knowledge and inform your decisions. 

‘Looks like a really useful way to learn – I like the multiple media approach and freedom to access the training at times that work for me. The addition of a reflective piece is really helpful and makes sense to link with CPD.’ – Research in Practice Partner.

Upcoming Research in Practice learning

Our new programme includes an overview of upcoming learning resources and opportunities. The new programme includes blended learning opportunities such as publications, videos, podcasts, workshops, webinars and more. Resources will be released online at regular intervals to enable you to access and use them as soon as they are ready.

Stay informed and support our work

We keep our network informed with the latest news and information on social media. To stay up-to-date with our new resources, events and learning opportunities make sure you are following us on Twitter @researchIP. Partners also receive regular email bulletins containing the latest research evidence, policy announcements and more; tailored to children and families, and adults social care practice. To subscribe to our Partner bulletin, login to your account and select 'My subscriptions' on your dashboard.

If you would like to be involved in the future development of our work please contact We welcome feedback from our partnership, and we will be continuing to reflect, improve and respond to the needs of the sector in the year ahead.  

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Ensure you are following @researchIP on social media and have signed-up to our bulletin to hear about the latest news and information from Research in Practice.

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