Our year in review

The Research in Practice annual review highlights our programme of work across 2021-22, showcasing how we support evidence-informed practice with our Partner network and colleagues across the wider social care sector.


‘It has been another very busy year for everyone supporting children, families, adults and communities; in the face of extraordinary challenge, the commitment and dedication of professionals across the country continues to shine through. At Research in Practice we are proud to have supported the sector by continuing to provide high quality evidence-informed learning resources and opportunities. As ever, we do this by bringing together research, practice wisdom and the expertise of children, adults and families, to ensure our support is robust, relevant and responsive. We have also tried to ensure we are adapting and innovating alongside those we serve, in both our content and our approach to learning. This year we have paid particular attention to the role of the health and social care sector in leading practice that has a positive impact for people from minoritised groups, and will continue to challenge ourselves and others to address injustice and inequality. We have also undertaken a great deal of work to develop new and innovative ways of delivering online learning activities for our Partners, and have been delighted by the increased access and inclusivity this enables. As we turn our attention to the future, the work our Partners do becomes ever more complex – and ever more essential. Whilst the world round us continues to change, we remain committed to championing evidence, enabling a skilled and confident workforce and contributing to a future that is fairer for all.’ 

 Dez Holmes, Director of Research in Practice


The Research in Practice annual review showcases our work to support evidence-informed practice with our Partner network and wider colleagues across the social care sector from April 2021 to March 2022. The review is organised into four key areas that detail our learning resources, Partner network, online event delivery, publications, sector innovations and more.

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