Working with children, young people and families

We develop a range of evidence-informed learning resources designed for professionals working with children and families tailored to individual and organisational learning and development needs. 

Children & Families

Our annual Delivery Programme is developed in consultation with Partners from across the national children & families Research in Practice membership network in order to ensure our work reflects the needs and priorities of the sector.  

In 2021-22 we developed and delivered a range of learning resources and events on:

Child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing

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During the pandemic mental health and wellbeing issues were often exacerbated with the social isolation of the lockdown and the pressures of performance assessment at school.

These resources aim to support practitioners to address these concerns.

Domestic violence and/or abuse

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Domestic Violence or Abuse (DVA) is, over many years, the most common factor identified at the end of assessments of children in need under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989.

Our Change Project focused on building conceptual and practice developments when responding to families where DVA occurs. Drawing from international research, practice initiatives and family expertise, the project and resources aim to support a re-thinking of our responses to DVA in children’s social care to develop approaches that are humane and socially transformative.

Equality, diversity and inclusion


‘I am pleased to have attended and grateful that Research in Practice are dedicating time to anti-racist practice. All of the presenters and panel members gave us food for thought today and offered inspiration, even if that was not their intention. We need to keep anti-racist practice on the agenda and give a boost to those trying to keep the torch alive in their individual areas, and it is events like this that contribute to this and making the change happen. Thank you!’

Partnership Conference delegate

An integral part of social care practice is protection and promotion of the rights of adults, children and families. Central to this is ensuring that people of all ages, with all of their diverse characteristics, have equality of opportunity and are not excluded or discriminated against.

At Leaders’ Forum 2021, we explored a whole system view of how welfare and care is resourced and examined what we mean by inclusive economic growth and the role of social care within this. 

Our Partnership Conference 2022 brought together voices of experience, practice leadership and national policy to consider how both practice and service development can be designed and delivered more equitably. We shared learning from Research in Practice’s partner network, academic research and learning from an upcoming Evidence Review on promoting anti-racism in children’s social care. 

Leading and developing practice

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These resources share the latest research messages for practice – to support social workers and leaders to continually develop their skills. They focus on children’s participation in decision-making processes and learning from the parent advocacy movement that seeks to build the power of parents who have been impacted by the child welfare system to advocate for change; to improve children’s lives.​

A huge thank you for making this learning experience so enjoyable and accessible. As a newly qualified social worker I appreciated the approach. Best event I have attended in a long time.

Research in Practice Partner

Learning resources and events

Transitional Safeguarding And The Role Of Social Work With Adults

‘Thank you so much for organising another fantastic event! I enjoyed listening to all the speakers, hearing from colleagues across the country and have learnt a lot in a short amount of time.’ 

Link Officers’ Annual Meeting delegate

As part of membership to Research in Practice, Partners have access to a range of learning opportunities and receive regular updates on the latest news and views, case law, research evidence and policy. 

Our national programme of learning events, conferences and webinars support professional networking and development on pertinent social care topics, to meet individual and organisational needs.  

Our 2021 Link Officers’ Annual Meeting (LOAM) explored what we have learned from digital practice and how we can combine successful elements of this with face-to-face approaches. Our aim is to build a hybrid future that maintains and even enhances the vital relationship-based elements of our work.