Why evidence-informed practice?

At Research in Practice, we’re passionate about evidence-informed practice.

At Research in Practice, we’re passionate about evidence-informed practice. 

In working with people, it’s vital that policy and practice are ethical, defensible and have the best chance of being effective. Evidence-informed practice brings together research evidence, practice expertise, and the experiences of people with lived experience. In synthesising these sources, we aim to ensure that: 

  • What we produce is meaningful and relevant. 

  • The impact of useful evidence in practice contexts is increased. 

  • Professionals engage the people they support in developing and improving practice. 

Everything we offer is designed to equip individuals and organisations with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to apply evidence in their work, and as a result, enable people to live good lives. 

What we do  

We develop content and learning opportunities that utilise a variety of approaches to support policy and practice development – from direct practice, through to first-line management, strategy development, commissioning and policy making. 

Our network enables practitioners and policy makers to actively engage in generating and using evidence. 

Listen below to hear Research in Practice Director Dez Holmes explain how our evidence-informed practice approach works.

Supporting evidence-informed practice

Everything we offer at Research in Practice aims to equip you with knowledge, skills and confidence to apply evidence in your work for people to live good lives.
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