London local authority

As part of our bespoke learning offer, we can adapt our programme of events to meet the needs of your organisation.

At Research in Practice, we offer an extensive learning and development programme. Learning and development can be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation.

This was the case with a London local authority. Addressing sexual abuse and exploitation was a core priority in this organisation. They had found that one specific workshop on the national programme of workshops, intra-familial child sexual abuse, particularly met this priority. The local authority spoke in detail with our team, who considered carefully whether the workshop material would be suitable for their needs.

The team then discussed this with the expert facilitator who designed and delivered the workshop, and – with extra development and tailoring – we were able to adapt and deliver this workshop to meet the local authority’s needs.

Several changes were made to the workshop content. This included adapting discussions away from sharing experiences between different local authorities to how different teams within the same local authority saw and addressed the challenges of intra-familial child sexual abuse. Also, at the local authority’s request, the facilitator incorporated material about the cultural context of the local population, and from it considered whether there were any distinct issues related to communities.