In-house workshops

Training designed to support evidence-informed practice. Partners of Research in Practice can also choose in-house workshops as part of their Tailored Support.

Our warm thoughts are with those working on public and voluntary services planning during this uncertain and fast moving period. We are reviewing all aspects of our work in light of government advice regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) and making decisions about how to move forward with uncertainty, considering things such as:

  • Maintaining socially distant interactions in venues around the country.
  • The knowledge that many Partner organisations will continue with many staff working partly or mainly from home and are keen to have virtual learning and development opportunities to offer them.
  • The challenges of mobilising our associates to travel long distances on public transport with overnight stays and the increased risk of transmission this raises for your teams.

With this mind, and in-line with the government announcement, we will be delivering virtual events until further notice, reviewing the situation in early 2021. This includes national conferences and workshops, tailored support workshops and independently commissioned training programmes.

Please see the latest information from Research in Practice regarding COVID-19 and events delivery

Should you have any questions please contact us