Learning organisation

Ensuring that learning and development is at the heart of an organisation.

To be resilient, an organisation must ensure that learning and development is at the heart of everything that they do. Developing a learning organisation is the third Key Foundational Principle. A learning organisation is one in which:

  • Learning from experience and adapting to new challenges and opportunities underpin healthy and successful organisations
  • A learning organisation is defined as: Beliefs, goals and objectives are shared and underpinned by a set of values, principles and behaviours
  • An evidence-informed approach to improving practice and managing change, with input from the workforce, is actively encouraged. Individuals, teams and the organisation have opportunities to reflect on practice and learn from experience
  • Challenges provide learning opportunities rather than lead to individual blame.

Reflective questions:

  • Do practitioners in your organisation have opportunities for reflective conversations that support their personal learning and development?
  • Are their opportunities or forums for practitioners to express their opinions, and are they are considered in organisational decision making and policy?

For further information you can view and download the SWORD workbook KFP 3 here: Learning organisation

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