Practice Pointer - Exploring the benefits of reflective supervision

Practice Pointer - Exploring the benefits of reflective supervision

Delivered online using Teams


12:00 - 13:00 Wednesday, 3 July 2024

Reflective supervision can support critical thinking and analysis, enhance emotional wellbeing and is a core element in any learning organisation. Building these aspects of direct practice is linked to improved experiences and outcomes for children, young people, adults and carers.


Audience Types

Senior leaders

Senior practitioners

Strategic leads

Team leaders

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Emotionally intelligent practice supervision | Developing excellent practitioners | Lead and govern excellent practice | Creating a context for excellent practice | Developing excellent practitioners | Quality assurance and improvement | Influencing and governing practice excellence within the organisation and community | Developing confident and capable social workers | Relationship-based practice supervision | Effective use of power and authority as a practice supervisor | Performance management and improvement | The role of supervision | Supervision, critical analysis and reflection

CQC - Well-led | Effective

PCF - Contexts and organisations | Professional leadership | Professionalism

RCOT - Demonstrate quality