Delivery Programme 2020

Upcoming Research in Practice learning resources and events until March 2021

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We have published our annual programme, aimed at supporting individuals and organisations working with children and families, young people and adults. It includes an overview of topics and resources, such as publications, workshops, webinars and more, being delivered until March 2021.

Developed in consultation with Partners from across the national Research in Practice membership network, the upcoming resources and events aim to address the needs and priorities for the sector.

During 2020/21, resources will be released online at regular intervals to enable you to access and use them as soon as they are ready. 


Children and families Delivery Programme 2020-21

The children and families programme will focus on the following areas:

  • core practice skills
  • developing community capacity
  • LGBT young people
  • public health approaches to violence amongst children, young people and young adults
  • special education needs and disabilities (SEND)
  • trauma-informed practice.

This year’s children and families programme will also include a new Change Project, starting in September 2020. The project will collaborate with the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory and will focus on family time/contact.


Adults Delivery Programme 2020-21

The adults programme will focus on the following areas:

  • lived experience
  • mental capacity, risk and human rights
  • practice development
  • strengths-based working.

This year’s adults programme will also include the release of resources to support legal literacy across organisations. This ongoing Change Project has explored the barriers and enablers to legal literacy in order to create resources to support this area of practice.