Assessing Organisational Resilience And Wellbeing

Assessing organisational resilience and wellbeing: SWORD spring 2021

Published: 12/04/2021

Author: Research in Practice

We’re delighted to announce the second opening of the Social Work Organisational Resilience Diagnostic (SWORD), a survey and an online workbook designed for use across the whole social work and broader social care profession.

The SWORD diagnostic survey enables the collection and analysis of data from social care workers across your organisation to assess organisational health and highlight priority areas for improvement. The workbook offers targeted, evidence-informed tasks and strategies to support organisational improvements and develop conditions to better support social care worker wellbeing.

The SWORD survey is now open for organisations to participate from 12 April until 28 May. The survey also includes a set of questions exploring staff wellbeing in the context of working under lockdown and social distancing conditions.

Participate in SWORD. The survey will be open twice yearly in spring and autumn 2021.

View the SWORD resources (open access).

How to use the SWORD and COVID-19 response survey

Your organisation must nominate a lead contact in a senior role (such as a Principal Social Worker or Head of Service) to administer and disseminate the SWORD survey with teams and individuals across the workforce. Individuals will can then complete the survey online and your organisation’s data will be collated and analysed by Research in Practice.

Once the survey is closed you will receive your organisational data and work with management in implementing the tasks and strategies from the workbook.

For any questions regarding your organisation taking part, please contact


The aim of SWORD is to help leaders and managers to create the conditions that enable workers to sustain and develop resilience. Five key domains provide the structure for the survey and workbook:

  • Secure base – making sure social workers have a secure base within which to operate.
  • Sense of appreciation – promoting a culture in which all members of staff feel appreciated.
  • Learning organisation – ensuring that learning and development is at the heart of an organisation.
  • Mission and vision – co-producing and communicating a clear mission and vision.
  • Wellbeing – prioritising the wellbeing of a workforce and taking a systemic approach to reducing stress and enhancing job satisfaction.

SWORD has been co-produced with the Research in Practice network in a project led by Professor Gail Kinman, Birkbeck University of London, and Dr Louise Grant, University of Bedfordshire. The updated workbook has been co-authored by Dr Kelly Alexander, University of Bedfordshire, to include Adult Services and ensure applicability across the whole social work profession.