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Building on the success of virtual Tailored Support

Published: 12/07/2022

Author: Research in Practice

We are pleased to share new menus of Tailored Support topics with the Research in Practice Partner network, designed to offer Partners choice in how they embed evidence into their local practice.

Each year our Partners receive an allocation of Tailored Support as part of their membership with Research in Practice. This can be used for learning events to support professional development, and/or to meet a particular organisational challenge.

The switch to online working in the pandemic has provided us with the opportunity to further build our knowledge of how people work and learn together and to develop a high quality online learning offer. Our online learning packages are at the core of this. They provide Partners with flexible access to digital content on professional skills and key topics for team-based learning and self-directed Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Virtual learning events for Tailored Support

We will be offering Tailored Support as virtual learning events this year. Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics highlight the number of Covid-19 cases continuing to fluctuate. As a network that works to bring people and their learning together across organisational boundaries, delivering virtual events enables us to limit the risk of transmission of Covid and other winter viruses.  

The new menu for Children and Families and for Adults this year enables Partners to opt for a one-day virtual workshop format as an alternative method of delivery.

The menu offers opportunities to:

  • Make best use of precious staff time and keep costs of travel down for delegates as fuel and travel expenses increase.
  • Support delegates to build and reflect on their experiences, both individually and collectively.
  • Facilitate the co-creation of knowledge and the sharing of practice expertise between peers and colleagues across different locations, enabling them to develop good working relationships.
  • Create online spaces where people can work to understand the barriers to implementation.
  • Plan for how organisations can put their learning into practice, moving beyond a transactional approach to learning and developing learning organisations.

Online learning packages and virtual workshops are also available to be commissioned by Partners (as many do in addition to their Tailored Support) and by other organisations too.

Tailored Support Menu

Feedback from Partner members about virtual learning

The Tailored Support virtual learning offer, which responds directly to Partners’ changing needs, has been accessed by 17,371 delegates since its launch in October 2020, almost doubling engagement, with over 95% of delegates saying there is a high likelihood of transfer of their online learning to practice.

Delegates attending Tailored Support virtual events have found that it offers:

  • Efficient use of time; online learning packages include up to two hours of independent learning and one and a half hours of online live seminars;

The session worked well with the input of self taught work prior to the session as it gave people the opportunity to reflect upon work before discussing.

  • Support for team and multi-agency learning across different locations;

Good clarification of the tools and opportunity to discuss and share with other professionals about their experiences. Wasn't too social work focussed and was good to respond to Early Help and other areas of practice.

  • Valuable reflective spaces for sharing practice across dispersed regional networks;

It felt like a very welcoming environment, everyone was made to feel at ease. I liked how interactive it was and it gave me some really good food for thought.

  • Higher ratio of facilitators to learners that enhances supported space for reflective discussions on practice;

The group was small and that enabled good discussions. I was able to reflect.

  • Increased delegate access: the number of Partner members accessing Tailored Support membership events through online learning packages has almost doubled since we moved to virtual delivery (2018/19 ‘in person’/training room delegate numbers compared with 2021/22 online delegate numbers). Some delegates tell us that they would not have been able to attend their organisation’s Tailored Support events if they had not been able to access it online.

Feedback from Partner network members has been positive, with 98% of the 6623 delegates who accessed the online learning packages through Partners’ membership events last year rating the quality of content as very good or good. 96% delegates say that there is a very high or high likelihood of transfer of online learning to practice.

Explore the online learning packages.