Supporting wellbeing remotely: Leaders' Briefing (2021)

Published: 08/10/2021

Author: Kinman G


This briefing aims to provide evidence-informed guidance to help social care organisations support the wellbeing of practitioners and teams who are working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

It is designed to support sector leaders with responsibility for children and families and adults in making decisions which support wellbeing for practitioners in frontline roles. An overview is provided of the benefits and challenges of remote or home-based working and its implications for wellbeing, team working and professional practice.

A mixed or hybrid approach to office and remote working is also considered for people transitioning back to office working and for the longer-term. The need for organisations to take a systemic approach to supporting the work-life balance and wellbeing of people who are working remotely is highlighted and some resources to help leaders accomplish this are provided.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Emotionally intelligent practice supervision | Performance management and improvement | Shaping and influencing the practice system | Effective use of power and authority | Developing excellent practitioners | Designing a system to support effective practice | Support effective decision-making | Creating a context for excellent practice | Performance management and improvement | Effective use of power and authority as a practice supervisor | Developing confident and capable social workers | Assuring good social work practice and development | Influencing and governing practice excellence within the organisation and community

CQC - Well-led | Safe

PCF - Professional leadership | Contexts and organisations | Professionalism

RCOT - Support development | Health and safety

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