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Supporting families in pre-proceedings and the family court

Published: 22/07/2022

Author: Research in Practice

Pre-proceedings is the phase in the involvement of children’s services in the lives of children, young people and their families at which a decision is made about whether or not professionals will apply to start care proceedings in the Family Court.

A new suite of open access resources draw on practice expertise, research findings and the voice of lived experience and are designed to support robust and family-focused systems and practice in pre-proceedings. They are intended for use by social workers, practice leaders and those with strategic responsibility for pre-proceedings work.

The materials have been developed with support from the Department for Education COVID-19 Recovery and Building Back Better fund, and in partnership with Essex County Council and regional leads for pre-proceedings across England.

The materials on the resource hub are structured around a child and family’s journey – into pre-proceedings, diverted away from or moving through family court proceedings and beyond. They include briefings, guidance, practice tools, videos and podcasts. Alongside this, editable template documents can be downloaded and incorporated with local policy and practice materials.

Family court

Resources include:

In the coming months we will continue to add more materials to the resource hub. These will include guidance on PLO, pre-proceedings, the process within the family court and further tips including the voice of families. New publications on assessing children, parents and sibling relationships are also in development.

We hope these resources provide flexible and dynamic support for robust and family-focused systems and practice in pre-proceedings.

View the resource hub (open access).