Practice Development Programmes

Practice Development Programmes are ambitious, thorough, and completely bespoke training packages for an organisation.

Practice Development Programmes are appropriate for organisations looking to embed a particular approach or to deliver detailed training on a topic or a suite of topics to a large cohort of people. Often these programmes are in response to corporate priorities or an identified Ofsted inspection need.

We work closely with you on the proposed structure and content for your Practice Development Programme, drawing from the skills and knowledge of our team, alongside our existing evidence-informed resources.

These programmes can be run intensively over a short time period, or spaced out to provide more reflective time for participants.

Please note that Practice Development Programmes require a longer lead time for workshop delivery. If you would like to discuss these options, please contact us.

Assessing Organisational Resilience And Wellbeing

Practice Development Programmes

We developed three workshops around planning permanence with children and families for a local South West authority.
Case study - Practice Development Programmes