Supporting Positive Relationships

Supporting people living with a learning disability

Published: 20/06/2022

Author: Research in Practice

Learning Disability Week aims to raise awareness about learning disabilities and to end stigmas and discrimination. To support this, we have brought together Research in Practice resources to support people living with learning disabilities.

This year explores how people with learning disabilities are reconnecting with friends and their communities, and the issues many people still face after the end of COVID restrictions, like still having to isolate or dealing with poor mental health and anxiety.

People with learning disabilities often experience barriers in areas of life that many people take for granted. One area that people with learning disabilities face particular barriers in is having the opportunity to develop, experience and sustain romantic and/or sexual relationships.

Supporting Positive Relationships 2

Our Frontline Briefing on Supporting adults with learning disabilities to have positive sexual relationships has been written for social care practitioners to enable them to reflect on practice that will support people with learning disabilities to have positive sexual relationships. Additionally, our recorded webinar focuses on the ways in which practitioners can work with people with learning disabilities to enable them to fulfil their wishes to have relationships.

View the briefing.

View the webinar.

To support work in this area, the briefing and webinar will be open access until 27 June.

Resources to support work with people with learning disabilities

The following Research in Practice learning resources aim to support work with people with learning disabilities: