The power of co-production and communities

Published: 19/03/2024

Author: Research in Practice

For World Social Work Day and Social Work Week, Research in Practice is sharing learning on co-production, community led approaches and building organisational resilience for people to learn, connect, and influence change.  

This year’s World Social Work Day focuses on ‘Shared Future for Transformative Change’. Use open access resources on shared themes of co-production, community led approaches and building organisational resilience.  

In a new blog, Duc Tran, Co-Chair of the British Association of Social Workers' Diaspora Special Interests Group, celebrates the contributions of overseas qualified social workers in the UK. 

As the world continues to grapple with unprecedented challenges the role of social workers is more crucial than ever. For World Social Work Day, Duc Tran celebrates these contributions with our fellow social workers, students, researchers, employers, and recruiters.

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The power of co-production  

What changes are needed to make life more equal? In the recent A brighter social care future: Evidence Review, groups of people with different experiences worked together to discuss and outline the five key changes needed in social care to unlock an equal life. Co-produced by Research in Practice and Social Care Future.  

How can power be shared with people who draw on care and support?  

The sharing power as equals chapter explores how power imbalances within the social care system can lead to exclusion and inequality. Consider how we can work in ways that help to build confidence and empower people to ‘positively challenge things that impact on our lives’. 

Hear key messages from the Evidence Review at an open access event on 22 March.  

Bringing together people involved in the project who will reflect on their experiences of co-production, the online event will share learning and insights around the enablers and challenges to effective co-production.

Community-led approaches 

There is a need for new and innovative ways to support communities, particularly at a time of increased demand and limited resources. Some local authorities are starting to move away from a top-down model of service delivery to one that empowers communities and facilitates active citizenship.   

A selection of Research in Practice resources aim to support community-led approaches in practice.

The Growing community capacity: Strategic Briefing introduces a range of practice examples from across the sector and the challenges of community development.  

View the Strategic Briefing.

A series of podcasts and videos look at the strength of communities and the role of local authorities and agencies in working together for community development and change. 

Building organisational resilience, retention and assurance

Resilience is sometimes misinterpreted as meaning an individual’s ability to cope, instead of looking at the features and conditions of the system in which people can thrive. 

Research in Practice resources explore and support people working in children’s and adults’ services to consider what it means to build organisational resilience.

Use a range of learning resources to consider what it means to build organisational resilience and to support and influence changes in practice. 

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