Poverty-aware practice with children and families

Published: 15/10/2020

In this podcast Professor Kate Morris and Brid Featherstone talk about their powerful body of research and their radical vision for family support and social work with children and families.

Kate Morris, University of Sheffield and Brid Featherstone, University of Huddersfield have worked with colleagues and collaborators to bring together evidence from qualittative research and data analsyis in groundbreaking contributions to our thinking on child and family social work.

In this podcast they share knowledge drawn from this body of work with a focus on developing humane, poverty-aware practice.

Talking points

  • The strong association between a family’s socio-economic circumstances and the chances that children in those families will experience child abuse and neglect.
  • Evidence from across the four nations of the UK that offer alternative approaches to working with families affected by poverty.
  • The complex interactions between deprivation and ethnicity.
  • How social work can engage with the community, and the co-production of approaches with people who have lived experiences.
  • How senior managers can apply messages from this body of research in their work.

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