Ageing well: Housing options and alternative modes of living for later life - Multi-generational co-housing

Published: 12/01/2022

This podcast explores multi-generational co-housing as an alternative housing option in later life, considering how it can reduce loneliness and foster social connectedness, independence and community.

Mary Robson, Research and Development Officer at Research in Practice speaks to Liz about her experience of living at LILAC (Low Impact Living Affordable Community), a multi-generational co-housing project in Leeds.

This conversation offers unique insight into what it’s like to live in multi-generational co-housing, highlighting the untapped potential and opportunities of more innovative and under-utilised models of housing.

The podcast accompanies chapter one of the Ageing Well: Evidence Review, which provides an overview of the current and emerging issues in relation to housing, modes of living and care for a new and diversifying generation of older adults. This podcast is part of a series of podcasts aiming to bring to life this evidence review by showcasing the experiences of older people living in alternative and innovative housing models.

Talking Points

This podcast looks at:

  • Multi-generational co-housing as a housing option for later life.
  • What makes LILAC a low impact and affordable model of co-housing.
  • Building a co-housing community.
  • The benefits of multi-generational co-housing – independence, community and reducing loneliness.
  • Day to day life living in co-housing.

Resources that are mentioned in this Episode

Reflective questions

Here are reflective questions to stimulate conversation and support practice. 

  1. What co-housing options are there in your local area?
  2. What are the main benefits of co-housing?
  3. Do you explore co-housing as a housing option with the older people you work with?
  4. What is important to consider when thinking about co-housing as a housing option?
  5. What are the key messages from the podcast and how could these support you to think differently about housing options in later life for the people you work with?

Professional Standards

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