Building Child And Family Resilience Boingboings Resilience Approach In Action Frontline Briefing 2017 (1)

Building child and family resilience - boingboing's resilience approach in action: Frontline Briefing (2017)

Published: 11/04/2017

Author: Hart A, Aumann K



Between 1940 and 1979 the UK was an increasingly equal nation, with the distribution of money evening out more across the population. Inequality rose sharply in the 1980s, when wealth grew rapidly and became more concentrated among a few households. The financial crisis in 2008 had only a very small effect, with the top fifth of the population continuing to take almost half the income, both before and after the crisis.

In 2010:

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Creating a context for excellent practice | Developing excellent practitioners | Support effective decision-making | Effective use of power and authority | Purposeful and effective social work | Emotionally intelligent practice supervision | Relationships and effective direct work | Communication | Child development | Abuse and neglect of children | Child and family assessment | Organisational context

PCF - Professionalism | Values and ethics | Diversity and equality | Rights, justice and economic wellbeing | Contexts and organisations